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Tents, sleeping bags, Tsubo mats, and more!

Our full line of car camping tents, shelters, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and accessories will be available in stores and online in Spring 2014. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at a few of the products currently in production. We look forward to showing you the complete collection early next year.

Happy Camping!

Wholesale inquiries, please email holly@ticla.com.


A camping query . . . why travel to a beautiful landscape and then pitch a tent out of which you can't see a thing?



We have no idea either! That's why we invented the TeaHouse. Designed for the camper who likes views and ventilation, it's a new take on tents with uniquely TICLA features like:

• Full visibility (even with the fly on).

• Durable kid and dog proof materials.

• Realistic sizing . . . because two people should fit in a two-person tent.

• G.O.O.D. System (Get Out Of Dodge) storage tote . . . the easiest way to pack up and transport gear from storage to camp and back again.


A bag so stylish, functional and temperate, it'll give your sheets and blankets a run for their money.



You've got nice bedding at home, so why settle for a constricting, sweaty, and boring option for sleeping under the stars? Slumber in luxury and comfort in the versatile and cozy Besito. Destined to become your go-to, its Flip insulation—30 degrees on one side, 45 degrees on the other—makes it perfect for most adventures.

• Flip it! If it's balmy out, sleep with the warmer side (30 degree) down. When there's a nip to the air, flip it over for a little extra insulation.

• Sublime liner material brings to mind luxe linens.

• Tapered design ensures that feet don't freeze.

• Two-way zipper so feet can be free.

• Unzips all the way open for use as a comforter.


Sweet dreams guaranteed.



The sandman's gonna have to pack extra when he pays you and your Tsubo a visit! Desert towers, roaring rivers, blazing sunsets, sweeping plateaus, rainbows, puppies . . . take your pick. Good dreams abound when you cozy up on this mat, designed only with a blissful night's sleep in mind.

• It's big and comfortable (2.5" thick, medium and large sizes).

• Lot's of bang for your buck with high-density foam that self-inflates, increases comfort and adds warmth.

• Anti-slip material ensures that you won't roll off your pad in the middle of the night.

• Durable construction and valves minimize points of failure for a pad that will last for years to come.



Sun shade, rain protection, or art installation? You decide.

Refugio Extra 3

Rig up a designer outdoor living room using the contents of your Refugio, and whatever trees rocks, and vehicles are available to you. A little ingenuity goes a long way in making your campsite the ultimate gathering place. Not to mention the talk of the camp!