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  • Drunkards Who Don't Plan Ahead

    A recent Facebook comment about our Learn from our mistake post suggested that we are “drunkards who don’t plan ahead.” If that means going car camping without a reservation, margarita fixins in the camp box, then yes. Yes we are.

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  • How to Camp for Free: A BLM Q&A

    Most people can’t believe that camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land is actually free.

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  • Learn from our mistake.

    Hey campers! Here's a tip for you. Heading to a campground this Fourth of July? No reservations?

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  • Destination: Patrick's Point State SP, Trinidad, CA

    If the characters from Alice in Wonderland went camping, they’d probably go to Patrick’s Point.

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  • The Camp Kitchen

    Cooking outdoors can either be the best or the worst part of any camping trip. When car camping, it’s pretty easy to make it the best, because you don’t have to worry about things like weight or carrying space (REPEAT, this is car camping).

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  • Can the TeaHouse save your marriage?

    It wasn't necessarily what we set out to do when we designed the TeaHouse, but it turns out that this sweet home away from home is a relationship saver. Just ask Ticla Sales Manager, Holly Morissette.

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  • Destination: Tumalo State Park, Bend, OR

    It was hard to leave Tumalo State Park—it had the perfect balance for car campers like us. The campground is clean, the sites are beautiful, and if you want to grab an early morning espresso, the town of Bend, Oregon is five minutes down the road.

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  • The Perfect Camp Pour Over

    Confession: I make a really lousy cup of camp coffee.

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  • All-Time Road Trip Songs

    With 25,000 miles of driving this summer on the Camp Better™ Tour, we have been and will be listening to a ton of music. Along the way, we’ve noted how some songs are just meant for driving, like they were custom written for the Great American Road Trip. So, while flipping through the stations on the radio, we asked ourselves, “What are the top road trip songs of all time?”

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  • Is it camping or glamping?

    We are often asked if Ticla is a “glamping”—or glamorous camping—brand. This is totally flattering, since glamping is, well, glam. And while our goal is to make Camp Better™, and we think that part of that is making it a more elegant and stylish endeavor, Ticla is not exactly glamping. Here’s why.

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  • How to find a campsite

    If only finding a campsite was as simple as driving to a campground, picking a nice spot—close to the bathrooms, but not too close—and pitching your tent. As if.

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  • The Best Campsite in the Country?

    What’s the best campsite in the country? Before you scoff at such an unanswerable question, we understand that coming to any sort of conclusion is totally subjective.

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  • Camp Kale Chili

    I’m a big fan of one-pot meals, especially when I’m camping. This recipe in particular is a favorite, because it’s almost impossible to mess it up, involves very little prep, and you can be flexible with the ingredients.

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  • The Camp Box

    Growing up, we had wire racks full of camping gear in our garage. On these racks lived our tents, camp chairs, air mattresses (our sleeping bags were stored in the house), a cooler, the lantern, and our green stove. These items all foretold of summer adventure in the Rockies, but the true harbinger of each camping trip was the “camp box.”

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  • Campy Hour: The Mullet of Breweries

    Campy Hour. Beers by the campsite. People have been enjoying it for years. We just gave it a name. But taking it a step further and going to the source to get the beer while out camping? We highly recommend it on your next adventure, especially if you find yourself in San Diego, where breweries abound.

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